Having lived all his life amidst Alberta's vast foothills and mountain wilderness area, John Stone has experienced many first-hand wildlife encounters. This love, appreciation, and accurate knowledge, along with his keen eye and perception of even the smallest details enable John to paint realistic, lifelike creations.

John is very thankful to the Creator of all things for providing the abundant variety of wildlife and for giving him the artistic ability to paint them in real detail. All can enjoy the experience of being able to view, up close, the intimate world of wildlife through John's paintings, instead or only catching a glimpse.

John, a country boy at heart, has worked at many occupations, but prefers the farm life, his paintings, and his horses. He has won many awards for such artwork as "Timer Wolf Alert" chosen by Alberta and B.C. Ducks Unlimited as their sponsor print for 1993. "Enduring Pheasants" was chosen by Saskatchewan Pheasants Forever Print of the year in 1998 and "Prairie Chicken Display" in 2000. "Pheasants Family" was chosen by Canadian Pheasants Forever print of the year in 2005. He has judged art shows and aspires to teach art. He always finds time to give a "budding artist" a few pointers. He has illustrated three books, numerous magazine covers and has appeared at a number of "meet the artist" gallery shows. Above all, John is happiest when he is in his studio with a new painting coming to life under his brush.

James River Bridge, Alberta, Canada, T0M 1C0
(403) 638 - 2116  º  (403) 638 - 2719
On Highway #22. 9.5 miles North of Sundre, Alberta

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